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Capacitor solid state relay(60-80A)

Capacitor solid state relay(60-80A)
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Capacitor solid state relay(60-80A)

GDF Compound SSR

Series GDF Compound Solid State Relay is a new type relay product developed independently according to demand of the user. It is a singular module that is comprised by a SSR that has zero tune on-off function connects the load at first an disconnects loads at last and a mechanical relay that has low power waste keeps connection of load at other working time.
GDF avoids the disadvantages that mechanical relay make the surge current when it turns on and make arc when it turns off with SSR or thyristor switch will make power waste heat from the voltage drop of silicon during it is on work. GDF can be widely used in the power capacitor turning on and off, motor switching on off and temperature controlling of industry furnace etc.


- Bar structure, convenient for mounting and using.
- High performance/low cost circuit design.
- Dual SCR Power Hybrid technology provides highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life.
- High voltage (1400 Vpk) versions for 530 V service.
- Control voltage range:12 Vdc.
- Switch type:Zero voltage turns on, Zero current turn off, and keep low power west. Especially apply in power 
   capacitor turning on and off.
- LED-indication for control input.

Type Selection

- Mounting type              DF:AC Single phase, SCR Output.
- Operational current    60:60Amp, 80:80Amp
- Operational voltage    48:480VAC, 53:530VAC.
- Input Control voltage  D:DC12V

Selection guide
Voltage Control voltage Operational current
60 Amp 80 Amp
480 VAC 12Vdc GDF6048D GDF8048D
530 VAC 12Vdc GDF6053D GDF8053D


PARAMETER Units Specification Limits
Model No. GDF   60A 80A
Input Parameter  
Control Voltage Vdc 12
Input Current(Max.) mAdc 95 95
Display LED   yes
Output Parameter
Current Range Max Arms 0.05 to 60 0.05 to 80
Surge Current, 20 mSec (Max.) Arms 600 1000
Working current of capacitor Arms <16 <21
Load Voltage Range (480V) Vrms 48 to 480
SCR Over voltage (480V) Vpk 1200
Load Voltage Range (530V) Vrms 53 to 530
SCR Over voltage (530V) Vpk >1400
Frequency Range Hz 47 to 63
Off State dv/dt (Min) V/μsec 500
Off State Leakage Current (Max.) mArms <8
On State Voltage Drop (Max.) Vrms 1.8
Thermal Resistance, (Rthjc) ℃/W 0.65 0.5
Turn On Time (Max.) Cycle 1/2
Turn off delay-time (Max.) mSec 40 to 100
Holding contact connect delay-time mSec 40 to 100
Holding contact resistance (Max.) 50 50
Coupling Specifications
Dielectric(Input/Output) Vrms 1500
Dielectric(Input-Output/Base) Vrms 2500
Capacitance pf 10
General Specifications
Weight:(typical) g 300 390
Mounting Dimensions:LxWxH mm 94x34x64.7 94x34x87
Ambient temperature range:operating or Storage   -30℃ to +80℃
Case Color: Black


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