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Lightning Protector (60-100kA MOV)

Lightning Protector (60-100kA MOV)
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Lightning Protector (60-100kA MOV)


A high discharge capacity, low protection level and dual safety Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector define the high reliability of the devices.


- High discharge capacity thanks to powerful zinc oxide varistors
- Quick response
- Reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector with dual monitoring
- Fault indication via red mark in the inspection window
- Slim design (modular construction) according to DIN 43880
- Multifunctional terminals for connection of conductors and busbars

- Complete unit consisting of upper part and base, pre-mounted and ready for connection
- Plug-in arrester with dynamic separating device
- With visual function display
- Enclosed, non-extinguishing zinc varistor arrester for use in normal commercial distributor housings

Application example: building with an overhead power line supply or lightning protection system, for building up lightning protection equipotential bonding.

Apart from the standard visual indication with green and red coloured marks, the variants of Greegoo.. BY series provide a 3-pole terminal for remote signalling. As the remote signalling contact works as a floating changeover contact, the remote signal can be used as a break or make contact, according to circuit concept.

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Maximum continuous voltage up to 385V

      BY4-100/1-385 BY4-100/2-385 BY4-100/3-385 BY4-100/4-385
Maximum continuous voltage UC V 385 385 385 385
SPD according to EN 61643-11     type 1 type 1 type 1 type 1
SPD according to IEC 61643-1     class I class I class I class I
Classification according to E DIN VDE 0675-6 class B B B B
Nominal discharge current (8/20) In kA 60 60 60 60
Maximum discharge surge current Imax kA 100 100 100 100
Voltage protection level Up kV <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0
Response time tA ns <25 <25 <25 <25
Maximum back-up fuse   A 160 160 160 160
Temperature range θ ¡æ -40¡«80 -40¡«80 -40¡«80 -40¡«80
Protection rating     IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Modular width (1MW=27 mm)     1MW 2MW 3MW 4MW
Connection cross-section, rigid   mm2 2,5 -35 2,5 -35 2,5 -35 2,5 -35
Connection cross-section, multi-wire   mm2 2,5 -35 2,5 -35 2,5 -35 2,5 -35
Connection cross-section, flexible   mm2 2,5 -35 2,5 -35 2,5 -35 2,5 -35

Other voltage available: 140V, 150V, 255V, 275V, 320V, 385V, 420V, 440V, 480V, 550V.


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