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Safety light curtain, also called safety light guarding, low consumption, fast response, through beam type, NPN/PNP and NC/NO output, IP65 protection degree, detection distance 0-3 meter, 0-6 meter and 0-12 meter, optical axis distance 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 80mm, protection height up to 2800mm from 40mm.

GAD Series Safety Light Curtains (safety light Guarding)

Circuits Safety Self-Detection Design

Control devices adopt double return circuit to strengthen output signal reliability; circuit system self-detection design ensured the complete systematic safety solution. When safety light curtain itself has malfuntions in devices or circuits, this design can ensure not to send dangerous failure signal to controlled metal forming machine, and ensure the safe control to controlled equipment.
The controller and light curtain device adopts separation design; this ensures the safety for the sensor single transmission. System checks the final output signal to ensure the whole safe system control and self-detection achievement.

Low Consumption Design

Safety light guards adopt slow consumption design, can reduce malfunctions to prolong service life, and save energy sources.

Response time

The longest time from the spot of safety light curtain being blocked to the stopping single from device output is the response time of safety light curtain. The response time of GA and GAD series safety light curtain is no more than 15ms.

Various and Convenient installation

The installation type for emitter and receiver are: normal up and down anti-vibration installation, T type trough installation, tubular bracket form installation, floor bracket form installation and shield installation.

Strong ability in Optic Resistance & Electromagnetic Interference Resistance

safety light curtain work stably and reliably in the environment of frequency conversion electromagnetic wave, strobe light, welding arc, and other light sources, etc.

Easy beam-focusing

Easy beam-focusing in installation and usage, low requirements for security accuracy

Multi-sides area protection

GAD safety light curtain can achieve multi-sides area protection by increasing reflection mirror. After one time reflection, it can achieve double sides protection with total 12m length, after twice, can achieve three sides protection with total 8m length

GAD Series Safety light curtain (safety light guard)





It is applicable to the safety protection against dangerous mechanical devices such as forging presses, punching machine, welding machine, cutting machine etc. to provide protection. and could also act as signal-collector in automatic industry.
The optical axis distance is only 10mm which provides a more safe protection for human body, such as fingers.
Photoreceptors adopt shunting indicator, which can check the normal working on safety light curtains directly.
Excellent protection of the structural design and vibration-resistant ensure the safety light curtains reliable use in the place of harsh and heavy equipment.
Output NPN & PNP at the same time, can connect with safety light curtains controller. Or directly connect with PLC,PC and external hang relays directly to make sure the safe reliability of equip follow-up control circuit.
Red, Green, two-color indicator light, users can detect the possible malfunction correctly, directly, and quickly.
High response speed, response time only in 15ms.

The Controller for Electronic Safety Guards

Safety light curtain series


Series code Protection length Transmission line standard length
C series 0-12m Emitter, receiver 15m length cable

Safety light guarding controller


Type Voltage Output voltage Output type Installation Shell material
SLC-1 AC100-260V DC24V DC12V 200mA Relay output Electric din-rail card in the electric cabinet Engineering plastics
SLC-P AC100-260V DC24V DC12V 200mA Relay output Controller collet fixed on the machine Metal shell

Safety light curtains cable


Type Model Withstand voltage Length Application
1 SLC-2A/2D controller power supply signal line RW 300-500V Standard length 5m, 8m, 15m, cable of other length could be customized Provide power supply and single transmission for safety light curtain
2 P type controller double end power supply signal line RW 300-500V Standard length 5m, 8m, 15m, cable of other length could be customized
3 P type single double end power supply signal line RW 300-500V Standard length 1.5m, cable of other length could be customized

GAD Machine safety guards application 


GAD, easy for installation and debug, simple in wiring, stable in structure, close in optical system
The protection length for Safety light curtains is 0-12m
Optic axis distance 10mm, 20mm, 40mm, 80mm are available
It includes emitter, receiver, controller and signal cable


    GAD Safety light curtain area protection


Easy for installation and debug, simple in wiring, stable in structure, close in optical system
On the basis of through beam safety light curtain, use mirror to change the transmission direction of protection light, thus form double sides or three sides protection
Protection length: double sides less than 12m, three sides less than 8m
It includes emitter, receiver, controller, reflection mirror and signal cable


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