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    BY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPDBY5-120 SPD
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Product Details

BY5-120 SPD

BY5-120 AC Surge Protector is designed according to IEC lightning protection requirements, combined with the application environment of AC power supply systems. It uses high-energy MOV chips with nanosecond response speed. It provides a reliable voltage protection level, super strong surge current discharge capability, and safe overload characteristics, offering reliable functions for lightning protection, surge protection, power grid purification, and safety.

Application Scope
It is mainly used for lightning protection of various distribution boxes and other electrical equipment in AC power supply systems.

Performance Features
· Designed for voltage limiting, complying with Type 1 test requirements.
· Multiple combination modes to achieve differential mode and common mode protection functions.
· High-energy MOV with low residual voltage and high voltage protection level.
· The disconnector has an arc-quenching device and strong overload capability.
· High continuous working voltage and large current-carrying capacity.
· Fast response speed without continued flow.
· Rail-mounted installation.
· Enhanced nylon casing with IP20 protection level.
· Small and compact size, easy to install and use.

Model No.:











Rated operational voltage Uopv(V) 220~690 220~690 220~690 220~690 220~690
Maximum continuous operating voltage Ucpv(V) 275 320 385 420 550
Quantity of electric charge Q(As) 6.25 6.25 6.25 6.25 6.25
Nominal discharge current In (kA) 60(8/20μs) 60(8/20μs) 60(8/20μs) 60(8/20μs) 60(8/20μs)
Maximum discharge current Imax (kA) 120(8/20μs) 120(8/20μs) 120(8/20μs) 120(8/20μs) 120(8/20μs)
The impact of discharge current Iimp(kA) 12.5(10/350μs) 12.5(10/350μs) 12.5(10/350μs) 12.5(10/350μs) 12.5(10/350μs)
Voltage protection level Up(kV) 1.8 2 2.5 3 3.5
Capcity of connection 4~35mm² 4~35mm² 4~35mm² 4~35mm² 4~35mm²
Protection of degree IP20  IP20  IP20  IP20  IP20 
Material PA66 PA66 PA66 PA66 PA66
Flame retardant grade (comply with) UL94V-0 UL94V-0 UL94V-0 UL94V-0 UL94V-0
Local indication: Green indicates normal state and red indicates failure.

Technical Parameters

Model BY5-120
Nominal operating voltage Uo (V) 230/400    400/690
Nominal Continuous Operating Voltage Uc (V) 385        420        550        690
Nominal Discharge Current In (kA) 60
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (kA) 120
Impulse Current Iimp (kA) 12.5
Charge Quantity Q (As) 6.25
Voltage Protection Level Up (kV) 2.5          3.0        3.5        3.8
Rated Short Circuit Current Isc (A) 1000
Local Failure Indication Green window: Normal Red window: Failure
Fault Alarm Contact 1NO + 1NC
Response Time ≤ 25 ns
Insulation Resistance > 50 MQ
Wiring Capacity 4~35  mm²
Flame Retardant Rating of the Casing UL94V-0
Casing Protection Level IP20
Combination Mode 3+0,4+0,3+1
Installation Method DIN:35mm
Operating Temperature -40℃~70℃
Operating Humidity 5%RH~95RH
Altitude <2000 m

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