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    Switch disconnectorSwitch disconnectorSwitch disconnectorSwitch disconnectorSwitch disconnectorSwitch disconnector
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Switch disconnector

GL series switch-disconnector is widely used in distribution and automatic system of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical and other fields Modularized design structure has flexible and diverse combination. DMC enclosure has high dielectric property, protective capability and operating safety.

The operating mechanism is an accelerating mechanism of spring stored energy and instantaneous release which instantaneously make and break double-breakpoint contact structure. It has no relationship with the speed for operating the handle. Thus, greatly increase all electrical and mechanical properties.


Various structures and operation modes, it has a window for directly observing making and breaking conditions of the contact. It can be used for internal operation, external operation, front operation, side operation and back wire. The switch disconnector is novel, simple, small size and has complete functions.


Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Current: 100-3150A


Disconnect Switch (AC type)

Current: 63A-3150A


Fuse Disconnect Switch (AC type)

Current: 32A-1250A

Voltage:AC380V, AC415V, AC500V, AC690V

Standards: IEC60947-1 and IEC60947-3

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