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Product Details

VS200 vacuum contactor is suitable for AC electromechanical devices in frequent operation and complys with EN 60947-1. It can reach 200A, specially used in converting squirrel cage motors and slip ring motors and suits resistive load and mixed load switch with German limit switch, spring and lubrication oil.

Technical advantages
-High reliability
-Long service-life
-Minimal maintenance during operation
-High operation frequency
-Smart size & light weight

Parameters Unit Value
Main circuit Rated working voltage (Ue) V 1250
Rated working current (Ie) A 200
Standards EN60947-4-1
Category application AC1-AC4
Rated frequency (fr) Hz 50
Rated making capacity A 2400
Rated breaking capacity A 2000
Withstand overload current capacity/s A 3200
Rated holding current KA 16
Control circuit voltage V 230V 50Hz, +15% - 25%
Max making and breaking capacity A 4000A @ cos f = 0.4
Interrupted operation class 1200 times / hour
Mechanical endurance times 1x106
Electrical endurance times AC3 3x105 AC4 1x106
Weight kg 4.6
Humidity Max.80%
Operating temperature -20~+60
Altitude Max.1000m

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