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Vacuum Capacitor, fixed and variable type.

Date: 2024.04.12 Views: 284

Our vacuum capacitors are designed for high voltage applications and are known for their reliability and quick delivery times. These capacitors are perfect for various uses, including induction heating, high-frequency (HF) heating, medium heating, communication transmitters, broadcasting, and single-polysilicon solar furnaces, among others.

Our fixed and variable vacuum capacitors are fully compatible and can be used as direct replacements for models from COMET and Jennings such as CVBA-500/BC/5-BEA-L, CVFP-1000-30S, CVDP-2300-15S, UCSX-1000-15S and many more. If you're looking for specific Jennings or Comet part numbers and can't find them listed here, please reach out to us for assistance.

Fixed vacuum capacitors

Variable vacuum capacitors

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