GREEGOO will march forward steadily in international market...

GREEGOO in Chinese means "Honest, Prosperous and Fortunate".

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IGBT modules

IGBT power modules,50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A.

Solid State Relays

Greegoo solid state relays, single phase and three phase, 15A to 1000A, motor reversing ssr and dc ssr etc.


Stud and discrete thyristor and rectifier diodes

Dual thyristor modules

Thyristor module, scr module, dual thyristor module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MT, MTC, MTK, MTA, MTY and MTG etc.

Dual diode modules

Rectifier diode modules, dual diode modules, diode diode module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MD, MDC, MDK, MDA, MDY etc.

2000A Dual thyristor module

2000A dual thyristor module, MTC 2000A 1200V,1600V and 1800V.


Slim 3 phase Power Diode Module GDF100AA

Power Diode Module DF100AA is designed for three phase full wave rectification, High reliability by unique glass passivation, Isolated mounting base, Output DC current is 100Amp (Tc=102℃), Repetitive peak reverse voltage is up to 1,600V.

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Integrated IP20 touch-safe Solid State Relays

GM Series panel mount single phase AC output Solid State Relays are designed to be used in almost any application, offering very long life expectancy and are easy to install, easy to use, robust and multipurpose.

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Greegoo's SSR carried the CE Mark signifying conformance with the latest European directives.

10A to 120A single phase solid state relays are approved by CE against the latest European directives 2014/35/EU LVD and 2014/30/EU EMC.

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High power Rectifier Diodes and Phase Control Thyristors (PCT)

High power rectifier diodes and Phase Control Thyristors (PCT) for SVC, HVDC, soft-starter and power supplies with "Topsil" brand silicon from Danmark,"LEM" test equipment

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