GREEGOO will march forward steadily in international market...

GREEGOO in Chinese means "Honest, Prosperous and Fortunate".

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High Quality SSR - Greegoo Manufacturing

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High Voltage Vacuum Contactors

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EVC9 3.6KV Vacuum Contactor

3.6KV 400A vacuum contactor, open frame, 3a+3b contacts, enjoying brisk demand in the buying public as reliable performance.

Fast Recovery Diode

2 pin and 3 pin, package at TO220AB/F 8-30A, TO220AC/F, TO247AC 15-75A, TO247AB 20-80A, TO-3PAB 20-80A etc.

Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers

Single Phase Bridge Rectifier Series of MBS, ABS, MBF, DB, DBS, KBP, GBP, D3K, GBL, SGBL, KBL, KBU, GBU, KBJ, HD, KBPC-W, GBPC, GBPC-W, GBPC-WL, SBL, DT28, DT33.

High Voltage Diode

Package of DO-41 4000V, DO-15 4000V, DO-206 8000V, DO-201 fast recovery diode 2 pin.

Three phase Bridge Rectifier

Bridge rectifier series of ST, ST-W, ST-L, ST-S, SGBPC, SGBJ and 3GBJ.

Symbol Meaning & Model Explanation of Greegoo Power Semiconductors

Symbol Meaning & Model Explanation of Greegoo Power Semiconductors, such as phase control thyristor, rectifier diode, thyristor diode modules etc.


Low voltage drop DC SSR, charging and discharging DC SSR launched.

Low voltage drop DC SSR, charging and discharging SSR

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1-Phase Solid State Contactors

A unique opportunity for panel space savings, 10A to 60A, 17.5mm width.

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3 Phase Universal SCR Power Controller

Universal SCR power controller, three phase 25A to 2500A, single phase 10A to 800A, can fully replace brands such as Germany's AGE, Japan's RKC, Italy's CD, and brands from Europe, America, Japan, and Korea.

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Vacuum Contactors

Vacuum contactors are electrical devices with high performance, high safety, and high energy efficiency, suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.

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