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Vacuum Contactors
Vacuum contactors are electrical devices with high performance, high safety, and high energy efficiency, suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.
Compact Vacuum Contactors
Good news to you, we are pleased to inform you that our compact vacuum contactor launched successfully, minimum 120mm width, 1.5KV 160A, 250A and 400A.
Smart home EV charger
Smart home EV charger, plastic and steel enclosure, 32A 7.2kW, 230Vac.
Plug in DC output solid state relays
5A and 10A DC load plug in solid state relays
Plug in AC switching Solid State Relays
1A, 3A, 5A plug in ac switching solid state relays
IGBT modules 15A to 1600A in voltage classes from 600V to 1700V
IGBT modules are used as inverter welding machine; inverter power supply, frequency converter, UPS; electric vehicle; photovoltaic inverter, industrial servo service; switched reluctance motor, chopper speed regulation; induction heating, etc.
Slim 3 phase Power Diode Module GDF100AA
Power Diode Module DF100AA is designed for three phase full wave rectification, High reliability by unique glass passivation, Isolated mounting base, Output DC current is 100Amp (Tc=102℃), Repetitive peak reverse voltage is up to 1,600V.