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Low-voltage current transformers are devices used to measure or monitor electrical currents at lower voltage levels. They operate by producing a smaller current that is proportional to the main line current, allowing them to be used for measuring, controlling, and protecting electrical systems.


  • High Accuracy: Low-voltage current transformers can provide very precise current measurements. 
  • Safety: By reducing the current level, they prevent operators and measuring equipment from direct exposure to high currents, thus enhancing safety during use. 
  • Ease of Installation: They are usually designed to be compact and easy to install in existing electrical systems. 
  • Good Insulation Properties: They have good insulation characteristics, which can isolate high voltages and protect downstream equipment. 
  • Wide Range of Ratios: Low-voltage current transformers can be designed with a variety of transformation ratios to meet different measurement needs.

Medium voltage current transformer and voltage transformer (3/6/10/24/35KV)


Energy Metering: Low-voltage current transformers are widely used in electric meters to accurately measure electricity consumption. 

Power Monitoring: In distribution systems, they are used to monitor real-time current data to optimize and adjust power usage. 

Protection Devices: Low-voltage current transformers are used in circuit breakers and relays to detect overload or short-circuit conditions and trigger protective mechanisms. 

Industrial Control Systems: In automation control systems, they are used to transmit critical current information to ensure the proper functioning of equipment. 

Testing and Measurement: In laboratory and field testing, low-voltage current transformers are used for precise measurement and recording of current data.

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