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Solid State Relays

The Solid State Relay (SSR) are a series of single-pole, normally open, solid state switching devices with no moving parts, capable of tens of millions of cycles of operation. It is designed to control 120V, 240V or 480V (up to 660V) alternating current (VAC), and provides zero voltage switching and 2500VAC isolation between the load terminals and the control signal. 

A control signal causes the solid state relay (SSR) to switch the ac load ON or OFF just as a conventional mechanical contact switch does but with none of the problems associated with moving contact relays, such as corrosion, pitting, arcing, radio frequency interference (RFI) and bounce. The result: much longer life for the solid state relay (SSR).  Advantages of Solid state relay over mechanical relays from Wikipedia.

Greegoo's Solid state relay/relais/Role/switch/modules covering panel, Din rail and PCB mount type of solid state relays, control relays, power moudules and SSR assemblies. Zero cross switching type for resistive loads or random-fire for inductive loads.

Flip type Solid State Relays SSR
Solid state relays
10A to 100A, single phase, three phase, dc to ac, dc to dc, ac to ac SSR.
Flip type solid state relays
Strong insulation characteristics, SMT double panel full patch process,Strong anti-interference ability
Three Phase Solid State Relays
10-40A 3 phase SSR
10A, 15A, 25A, 40A SSR, 3 phase, trics output, economical type.
40A-120A 3 phase solid state relays
Solid state switching contactor, SCR output, 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 120A SSR, 3 phase SSR relays.
Three phase solid state relay 160A/200A
160A and 200A 3 phase SSR.
200-400A three phase solid state relays
200A to 400A 3 phase SSR, 40-660Vac output, zero crossing type.
400-500A 3 phase solid state relays
400A, 500A solid state relays, three phase, panel mount.
Three phase solid state contactors up to 80A
3P solid state contactor, 16A to 80A, 530VAC,suitable for resistive and inductive load.
3 phase solid state contactors
Ready to use, heatsink, ssr and axial fan combined, 30-500A.
Three phase solid state contactors
8-83KW, 3 phase 380V power adapting, ready to use type.
Solid state contactors
Solid state relay, solid state contactor, 3 phase solid state contactors, heatsink and fan combined SSR assemblies, 40A to 1800A, ready to use.
3 phase motor reversing solid state relays
40-530VAC, 10-32VDC, zero crossing control, 10A to 150A, 3 phase 3 control, common cathod and common anode alternative.
DC to dc Solid State Relay SSR
DC solid state relays
DC solid state relay, DC SSR, dc dc solid state relay ssr, 80VDC, 110VDC, 400VDC, 600Vdc etc.
DC SSR 12-1000VDC 100-600A
DC output SSR relays, 12-1000VDC, 100-600A, high current dc load solid state relays.
100A DC SSR for Frequency Converters
Module design 25mm width.
200A DC SSR for frequency converters
200A, module design 34mm width.
300A/400A DC SSR for frequency converters
300A and 400A, module design, 53mm width.
Single Phase Solid State Relays
1-5A solid state relay
1A, 2A, 3A and 5A DC SSR, pcb mounted.
DC to AC solid state relays
SSR-10DA, SSR-25DA, SSR-40DA dc to ac solid state relays, triacs SSR, economical type.
1 phase solid state relays
Screw type with clamp mounting 1 phase ssr.
10-40A triacs output ssr
10 to 40A SSR, single phase, triacs output, economical type.
40-120A single phase solid state relay
40A to 120A single phase SSR, 12V/24V ssr relay, ssr 25A/40A/60A/80A/100A/120A.Zero crossing solid state relays and random control relay SSR.
60-150A Solid State Relays SSR
60A to 150A SSR, single phase, module type.
200-400A Solid state relays
200A to 400A module type solid state relays.
500-1600A solid state relays ssr
500-1600A Solid state relays
Solid state relay for capacitors
60A and 80A GDF series solid state relays are main used for power capacitor turning on and off.
Capacitor solid state relays
120A and 250A GDF series solid state relays are main used for power capacitor turning on and off.
Solid state control relays
Regulating solid state module
Designed for single-phase AC resistive loads, mainly used in the temperature control and lamp adjustment.
4-20mA or 0-5V or 10K potentiometer input control relay SSR
3 in 1, 4-20mA or 0-5V or 10K potentiometer input, 10A to 120A control SSR relay.
Solid state voltage regulator with external resistor
Regulating voltage by 470k and 680k external resistor, 0-380V or 0-220VAC.
Solid state voltage regulator with 4-20mA or 2-10vdc control
4-20mA or 0-10Vdc control solid state voltage regulator, 0-220/0-380VAC adjustable.
Din-rail mount SSR relays
G3DA4810, SSR 1 CHANNEL, 10A@48-600VAC, 4-32VDC,
G3DA4825 SSR relays
25A SSR, Integrated heat sink, DIN rail mount
G3DA4840 SSR relays
40A SSR, Integrated heat sink, DIN rail mount
G3DA4860 solid state relays ssr
60A SSR, Integrated heat sink, DIN rail mount
Air cooled solid state relay assemblies
Single phase, 10A to 80A, 440VAC
Air cooled solid state relay assemblies
3 phase, 10A to 80A, 440VAC
Multi-output solid state relays
Dual solid state relays
Dual output SSR, SCR output, 10A to 80A, single phase.
Dual output high current solid state relays
2 channel output, 40A, 50A, 60A and 80A, 40-480Vac output, 4-32Vdc control, zero crossing and random control.
Dual output solid state relay up to 120A
60A, 80A, 100A and 120A dual output SSR.
4 channel ac output solid state relays
4-10 channel output solid state relays
4,5,6,8,10 channel output SSR.
8 channel output solid state relays
High surge breakdown voltage (4000V) and high breakdown voltage (2000V)
6/12 channel output solid state relays
Compound solid state relays,ssr+smps+rock plate together.
Heatsink for solid state relays
SSR-1 heatsink
For 10A to 80A single phase solid state relays.
SSR-3 heatsink
Heatsink/radiator for 10A to 40A SSR, 3 phase solid state relays.
SSR-3F heatsink for SSR
Heatsink with axial fan for 3 phase solid state relays, 10A to 60A.
TS35P fastening clamps (Din Rail adaptor)
GREEGOO TS35P fastening clamps on a 35mm DIN rail, Din Rail adaptor