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    GVC50-125/160 single pole vacuum contactorGVC50-125/160 single pole vacuum contactor
Product Details

GVC50-125/160 single pole vacuum contactor

Name Unit Data
Main circuit Rated working voltage (Ue) V 220、380、1140
Rated working current (Ie) A 125、160
Rated frequency(fr) Hz 50-60
Rated making capacity (I) A 12Ie(AC-4)
Rated breaking capacity (Ic) A 10Ie(AC-4)
Withstand overload current/s A/s 8 Ie/10
Power frequency withstand voltage Phase to earth kV 4.2
Vacuum breaks kV 10
Lightening impulse withstand voltage kV 8
Control circuit Rated voltage (Us)1 V AC 220
Rated power (Ps) Electric holding VA ≤250/40(attracting/holding)
Auxiliary circuit type 1a
Rated value AC 380V/3A
Rated operating frequency Long time Time/h 600
Short time 3600
Control circuit, auxiliary circuit to earth power frequency withstand voltage kV 2
Mechanical life 10000 time 30
Electric life 10000 time 6
Mechanical characteristics Closing time ms ≤200
Original opening time ms ≤160
Closing tripping ms ≤10
Remark: 1 rated control voltage can be made according to the requirements of the user;
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