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Rectifier Diodes

Greegoo Semiconductors offers a wide range of fast recovery diodes, standard recovery diodes and welding diodes. 

Diodes can be subdivided into two main classes: rectifier diodes and fast diodes. Rectifier diodes are split into two sub-classes: Normal recovery diodes and avalanche diodes. Rectifier diodes are generally used for conversion of AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current).

Standard recovery diodes are optimized with respect to low conduction losses and are able to handle very large currents.

Avalanche diodes are self protected against transient over-voltages.

Welding diodes are designed for medium and high frequency welding equipment and optimized for high current rectifiers. The on-state voltage is very low and the output current is high.

Fast diodes (fast recovery diodes) are companion devices to switches in DC to AC conversion. Fast diodes are optimized to accept high dynamic stress (fast transition from conducting to blocking state). 


- 32 up to 96 mm wafer
- 175 A up to 13500 A
- 200 V up to 6000 V
- Free floating, LTB and alloyed technology

Typical diode applications:

- Drives
- Neutral Point Clamp Diodes (NPC)
- Input rectifiers for AC-drives

- Metals melting and electrolysis

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Rectifier diode
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Fast recovery diodes Standard recovery diodes
Welding Diodes
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