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Applications and Advantages of IGBT Modules in Industrial Equipment

Date: 2024.07.15 Views: 86

IGBT Module (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a device required for inverter use in many types of industrial equipment. IGBT modules in various topologies are used in circuits with a current range ICnom from 25A to 1400A and with voltage classes VCES from 600V to 1700V


IGBT Modules are housed in a standard industrial case making it easy to easy integrate of the device into existing equipment. Available topologies include half bridge, single switch, sixpack, 3-level and many more, covering every application field. An IGBT power module functions as a switch and can be used to switch electrical power on and off extremely fast and with high energy efficiency. 


The IGBT modules are used as switching elements for the power converters of variable-speed drives for motors, AC inverter drives, UPS, electronic welders, uninterruptable power supplies, and others. An IGBT is a semiconductor device that combines the high-speed switching performance of a power MOSFET with the high-voltage high-current handling capabilities of a bipolar transistor. 


The IGBT power module is becoming the preferred device for high power applications due to its ability to enhance switching, temperature, weight and cost performance.


IGBT Module


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