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GVC/EVC Series Low Voltage Medium Voltage Vacuum Starter Contactor: Advanced Solutions for Reliable Motor Control in Various Industries

Date: 2024.06.12 Views: 173

The vacuum contactor employs a vacuum interrupter to extinguish arcs, making it ideal for frequently connecting and disconnecting normal working currents. It is commonly used to remotely control AC motors that require frequent starting and stopping in medium and low voltage applications.

Main Models

The GVC series of low voltage medium voltage vacuum starter contactors covering GVC5, GVC20, GVC11, GVC30, GVC40, GVC1, GVC2, GVC9, GVC3, GVC7, GVC611; EVC series medium voltage vacuum starter contactors converng EVC1, EVC3, EVC5, EVC6, EVC7, EVC8, EVC8C, EVC8G, EVC9, EVC20, EVC36 are widely used across various industries, including coal mining, electric power, metallurgy, textiles, and high-rise buildings.

Low voltage Vacuum ac contactors

GVC40 Vacuum Starter and Contactor 1250A 1600A 2000A @ 2KV

GVC/EVC Series Vacuum Contactor

The GVC type is suitable for AC systems with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, a rated voltage of 1140V, 1.5KV, 2KV, 3.6KV and a rated current ranging from 63A to 3200A. The EVC type is suitable for AC systems with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, a rated voltage of 7.2KV, 12KV, 24KV, 36KV, 40.5KV and a rated current ranging from 250A to 800A.It is designed for long-distance circuit connection and disconnection, as well as the frequent starting and stopping of AC motors. This model is particularly well-suited for assembling explosion-proof electromagnetic starters with various protection devices.

Product Advantages

  • Strong Arc Quenching Ability: Efficiently extinguishes arcs to ensure safe operation.
  • Good Pressure Resistance: Capable of withstanding high pressures.
  • High Operating Frequency: Suitable for applications requiring frequent operation.
  • Long Life: Durable construction for extended service life.
  • No Arc Spraying: Minimizes the risk of arc-related damage.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Easy to install and handle.
  • Extended Maintenance Period: Requires less frequent maintenance.

However, the manufacturing process of the vacuum interrupter is crucial. If not properly executed, the vacuum level can degrade. Additionally, using subpar contact materials can lead to "cut-off overvoltage" when breaking the current. This phenomenon occurs because the vacuum interrupter's strong arc-extinguishing ability causes a sudden drop in current from a certain value to zero, rather than allowing the arc current to naturally cross zero. This can result in high overvoltage, potentially endangering the safe operation of electrical equipment.

medium voltage vacuum ac contactors

EVC8C Medium Voltage Vacuum Starter and Contactor 250A to 1250A @ 7.2KV or 12KV

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