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    CZ-93 safety switch CZ-93 safety switch CZ-93 safety switch CZ-93 safety switch
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CZ-93 safety switch PDF

Type selection
Designation Signal Description
1.Type CZ-93 Safety switch
2.Type of contact blocks fitted B 2B(2NC)
3.Conduit entries PG PG 13.5XP1.5
4.Actuating keys None None
1 Horizontal
2 Vertical
3 Adjustable




Rating 3A 240VAC (A300)
Operation speed 0.1m ~0.5m/s
Operating frequency 30 operations/minute
Contact resistance 25mΩmax. (initial value)
Insulation resistance 100mΩmin. at 500VDC
Rated insulationvoltage(UI) 400V
Dielectric strength AC2500V/Umip 4KV
Vibration 10 to 55Hz, 0.65mm double amplitude
Shock Mechanical: Approx. 1000m/s2(Approx. 100G’S)
Electrical: Approx. 300m/s2 (Approx. 30G’S)
Ambient temperature -30℃ to +70℃
Ambient Humidity Blow 95RH
Life Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations/min.
Electrical: 150,000 operations/min.
Degree of protection IP65(EN60947-5-1)
Short-circuit protective device 10A fuse
Weight Approx. 76g


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