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    DC solid state relaysDC solid state relays
Product Details

DC solid state relays

DC Solid state relay is low impedance which is MOSFET/IGBT output and maximum to avoid total power consumption

●Input Control Voltadge:3.5-32VDC

●Suitable for sensitive and inductive load.

Load voltage

5-80VDC 12-110VDC 12-400VDC 12-600VDC

Max Load current

10A 20A 30A 40A 60A 80A

Isolation bet.In & out


Isolation to case


Control voltage


Control current


Turn-on voltage


Frequency range


Status indicator


Operating temperature


Product Model Control Voltage Maximum Load Current Line Voltage Range
GDH1008DD3 3.5-32VDC 10A 5-80VDC
GDH2008DD3 3.5-32VDC 20A 5-80VDC
GDH3008DD3 3.5-32VDC 30A 5-80VDC
GDH4008DD3 3.5-32VDC 40A 5-80VDC
GDH6008DD3 3.5-32VDC 60A 5-80VDC
GDH8008DD3 3.5-32VDC 80A 5-80VDC
GDH1011DD3 3.5-32VDC 10A 12-110VDC
GDH2011DD3 3.5-32VDC 20A 12-110VDC
GDH3011DD3 3.5-32VDC 30A 12-110VDC
GDH4011DD3 3.5-32VDC 40A 12-110VDC
GDH6011DD3 3.5-32VDC 60A 12-110VDC
GDH8011DD3 3.5-32VDC 80A 12-110VDC
GDH1040DD3 3.5-32VDC 10A 12-400VDC
GDH2040DD3 3.5-32VDC 20A 12-400VDC
GDH3040DD3 3.5-32VDC 30A 12-400VDC
GDH4040DD3 3.5-32VDC 40A 12-400VDC
GDH6040DD3 3.5-32VDC 60A 12-400VDC
GDH8040DD3 3.5-32VDC 80A 12-400VDC
GDH1060DD3 3.5-32VDC 10A 12-600VDC
GDH2060DD3 3.5-32VDC 20A 12-600VDC
GDH3060DD3 3.5-32VDC 30A 12-600VDC
GDH4060DD3 3.5-32VDC 40A 12-600VDC
GDH6060DD3 3.5-32VDC 60A 12-600VDC
GDH8060DD3 3.5-32VDC 80A 12-600VDC

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