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EVC5-7.2,12/160,250,400,630 series vacuum contactor is used in an AC. 50-60 Hz electric power system, with rated working voltage is 7.2Kv and 12kV, and rated current of 160A, 250A, 400A,630A, for direct or remote on-off control and circuit-breaking control of the of the main load. It is especially suitable for the frequently operated electric control applications such as electric motors, transformer, etc.

Working conditions

  • Ambient temperature: Maximum ambient air temperature not exceeds +40℃; averaged air temperature within 24 hours not exceeds +35℃; Minimum ambient temperature to be not lower than -15℃. If the ambient temperature exceeds +40℃, the contactor should be used with lower capacity and need to be proved. The highest temperature of the contactor should not exceed +105℃.
  • Altitude above sea level: altitude above sea level of the installation place not exceeds 1,000 m.
  • Relative humidity: relative humidity of the atmospheric air not exceeds 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40℃; higher relative humidity is allowed when the air temperature is lower, daily averaged relative humidity not exceeds 95%; maximum monthly averaged relative humidity is 90% when the averaged air temperature is +20℃ in most humid months. Having taken into account the condensation dew on the surface of the product due to the temperature variation.
  • Installation conditions: inclination angle of the installed plane with the vertical plane not exceeds 5°.
  • Contamination class: class III

Technical Parameters 

Item Unit Value
Main circuit Rated working voltage (Ue) kV 7.2 12
Rated working current (Ie) A 160, 250,400,630
Rated frequency (fr) Hz 50~60
Rated making capacity A 10Ie (AC-4)
Rated breaking capacity A 8Ie (AC-4)
Rated short time withstand current A 10Ie
Rated peak withstand current A 25Ie
Rated short circuit duration s 4
Power frequency withstand voltage Between phases, phase to earth kV 32 42
Vacuum breaks kV 32 42
Lightening impulse withstand voltage kV 60 75
Control circuit Rated voltage1 (Us) V AC or DC. 110/220
Rated power (Ps) Electric holding VA ≤1000/100 (absorbing/holding)
Mechanical holding VA ≤900/600 (closing/opening)
Auxiliary circuit Form 3a+3b
Rated value AC380V/5A, DC380V/1A
Control circuit, auxiliary circuit to earth power frequency withstand voltage kV 2
Rated operating frequency Long-term or mechanical holding type time/h 300
Short-term time/h 600
Mechanical endurance2 10000 times 30
Electrical endurance 10000 times 10
Mechanical characteristics Closing time ms ≤200
Original opening time ms ≤160(electric holding)
≤60(mechanical holding)
3-phase synchronism ms ≤3
Closing tripping ms ≤10
Note 1.Rated control voltage can be made according to customer’s requirements.
2.For mechanical holding type, the interlock mechanism should be changed every 300,000 times.


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