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    Molded Case Circuit Breaker GM2-250Molded Case Circuit Breaker GM2-250Molded Case Circuit Breaker GM2-250Molded Case Circuit Breaker GM2-250Molded Case Circuit Breaker GM2-250
Product Details

Molded Case Circuit Breaker GM2-250

Model GM2-250
Number of poles 3 4
Control Manual Toggle
Direct or extended rotary handle
Connections Fixed Front connection
Rear connection
Withdrawable (on chassis) Front connection
Rear connection
Electrical characteristics as per IEC60947-2 and GB14048.2
Rated current(A) In 40℃ 250
Rated insulation voltage(V) Ui 750
Rated impulse withstand voltage(KV) Uimp 8
Rated operational voltage(V) Ue AC 50/60Hz 400
Type of circuit breaker N H
Ultimate breaking capacity (KA rms) Icu AC 50/60Hz 400V 35 80
Service breaking capacity Ics %Icu 100%
Suitability for isolation
Utilization category A
Max. demand current (C-O cycles) Mechanical 20000
Electrical 440V In/2 20000
In 10000
Trial longevity Overload/no overload/total sum 850/7000/7850
Thermal magnetic type
Trip units Electronic type (STK22SE)
Overload protection Long time Ir(In×...)
Short-circuit protection Short time Isd (Ir×...)
Instantaneous Ii(In×...)
Residual earth leakage protection Vigi module
Indication and control auxiliaries
Auxiliary switch
MX shunt and MN undervoltage winding
Accessories Terminal extension and spreaders
Terminal shields and interphase barriers
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