T2 BY7-40/3+1-385X surge protective device

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T2 BY7-40/3+1-385X surge protective device
T2 BY7-40/3+1-385X surge protective device
T2 BY7-40/3+1-385X surge protective device
Features and Application

T2 BY7-40/3+1-385X surge protective device

■ Product Overview

The BY7-40/3 1-385 AC surge protector is designed based on IEC lightning protection requirements and combined with the application environment of the AC power system. It features high-energy MOV chips with nanosecond response speeds. It provides a reliable voltage protection level, strong surge current discharge capability, and safe overload characteristics, offering protection against lightning, surges, and power grid purification to ensure functional safety and reliability.


■ Application Scope

Mainly used for lightning protection of various electrical equipment such as distribution boxes in AC power systems.


■ Performance Features

· Voltage-limiting design that meets Type 2 test requirements;

· Various combination methods to achieve differential mode and common mode protection functions;

· High-energy MOVs with low residual voltage and high voltage protection level;

· The disconnector has an arc-extinguishing device, with strong overload capacity;

· High continuous working voltage and high current capacity;

· Fast response speed without follow current;

· DIN rail mounting;

· Enhanced nylon enclosure with IP20 protection level;

· Compact size, convenient for installation and use.


T2 BY7-40/3 1-385X

Product Details
Item Parameter
Model #  BY7-40/3 1-385X
Nominal System Operating Voltage Uo(V) 230/400
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(V) 385
Nominal Discharge Current In (kA) 20
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (kA) 40
Voltage Protection Level Up (kV) L-N 1.8, N-PE 1.5
Rated Short-Circuit Current Isc (A) 800
Local Failure Indication Green window: Normal; Red window: Failure
Fault Alarm Contact One pair of normally open and normally closed contacts
Response Time L-N 25 ns, N-PE 100 ns
Insulation Resistance >50 MΩ
Wiring Capability 4~35 mm2
Enclosure Flame Retardant Grade UL94V-0
Enclosure Protection Level IP20
Combination Method 3 1
Installation Method DIN:35mm
Operating Temperature -40℃~ 70℃
Operating Humidity 5%RH~95%RH
Altitude <2000 m
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