Single phase and three phase digital electric KWH energy meter

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Active electric energy meter. It is a single-phase consumption meter that allows to determine the kilowatt hours (KWh) consumed in an electrical installation. Digital display mode with backlit 6 + 1 digit LCD screen. Class 1 counter for alternating current in 50/60Hz networks and by 3200 imp/KWh. Meets the IC 62053-21 standard. The meter measures energy in two directions so it is ideal for controlling photovoltaic installations.



Rated current: 5(100)A

Rated voltage: 127/230VAC

Pulse measurement: 3200 imp/KWh

AC Voltage withstand: 4Kv for 1min

Impulse voltage withstand: 6Kv-1.2/50us

Overcurrent withstand: 2400A / 0.5 Sec

Communication Protocol: Modbus RTU

Type of communication: RS485

 Operating temp: -15 to +50 °C

Compatible with 35mm DIN rail.

Connection by clip.

  5(40)A Single phase

  Slim type


 5(100)A Single pole

 Tiny control


 5(100)A 2 modular width

 Standard DIN rail type



 Single Phase 2P Digital KWH Meter 

 Smart Electric Meters with RS485


 Single phase 2 wire energy meter

 230V 10(65)A

 Single phase Three wire energy meter

 240V 5(60)A 60Hz


 5(100)A, 3 phase 4 wire, 4 modular width

 Standard type


 MODBUS-RTU Single phase and 

 three phase 4 wire energy meters

 GEM021GC 7 modular width

 GEM011GC 4 modular width


 3 Phase 4 Wire Energy Meter, 

 4 modules digital meter

 Transparent Polycarbonate Cover


 3 Phase 4 Wire Static Watt Hour Meter

 3x30(100)A 3x240/415V 50Hz



3 phase 4 wire 7 modules digital meter 

 with 5A CT connection

 3x5A/CT, 3x230/400V, 50Hz


 3 Phase 4 Wire Static Watt Hour Meter

 3x30(100)A 3x240/415V 50Hz


If our standard types can't meet your demand, please fill in the below table and send us your special requirements, our R&D team can recommend or design for you. We are 100% sure we can meet your full demand in the line of modular active engery meters.

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