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    D62-400 Diode, Press Welded Diode 400AD62-400 Diode, Press Welded Diode 400AD62-400 Diode, Press Welded Diode 400A
Product Details

D62-400 Diode, Press Welded Diode 400APDF

Diodes type D62 are of modern design with internal spring loaded contacts and pressure welded glass-to-metal seal. Designed for use in power electronic circuits and equipment under normal operating conditions.

Key Parameter

URRM up to 1600V

IF(AV) 400A

IFSM 7000A


All diffused design

High current capabilities

High surge current capabilities

High rates voltages

Low thermal impedance

Tested according to iec standards

Compact size and small weight


High Voltage Power Supplies

Motor Control

Battery Chargers

Free Wheeling Diode

Resistance Welding

Ordering information

N - Cathode on base

R - Anode on base

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