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Product Details

TT570N16KOF 60 mm Thyristor/Thyristor Module with 1600 V in pressure contact technology


  • Pressure contact technology for high reliability
  • Industrial standard package
  • Electrically insulated baseplate
  • Short on fail
  • Highest robustness


  • Designed for high overload and power cycling requirements
  • High DC blocking stability over whole lifetime
  • High surge current capability especially for short grid spikes
  • One supplier for a broad range of Power Block Modules


  • AC-DC power supplies
  • Industrial heating and welding
  • Motor control and drives

Parameters TT570N16KOF
(diT/dt)cr [A/µs] (@DIN IEC 747- 6) 200 
Configuration SCR / SCR Phase Control
Housing 60 mm
IFAVM/TC / ITAVM/TC [A/°C] (@180° el sin) 600/85
IFSM / ITSM [A] (@10ms, Tvj max) 14000 
Product Line Power Block
RthJC [K/W] (@180° el sin) 0.058 
Tvj [°C] 125 
VDRM / VRRM [V] 1600 
VT0 [V] (@Tvj max) 0.8 
rT [mΩ] (@Tvj max) 0.23 
∫I2dt [A²s · 103] (@10ms, Tvj max) 1531 

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