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Chinese New Year holiday notification
The Chinese New Year is coming, our factory will be closed from Jan.31st to Feb.14th. We will be back on Feb.15th.
100A to 400A DC Solid State Relay special for frequency converters
DC 600V SSR, 100A to 400A, special for frequency converters.
Greegoo's Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) detects arc faults and de-energizes the circuit before a fire can start, is coming soon.
Greegoo's combination AFCIs electronically identify unique current and voltage characteristics of all arc faults and de-energize the entire circuit when one occurs.
400/630A single phase Vacuum Contactors
400A and 630A single phase vacuum contactor for locomotive, wind power and variable device used as main switches and side operation switches.
Official email address notification
We, GREEGOO Electric Co.,Ltd state here that all our official email address are with suffix "",for example, , ,, ...etc.
Products Exhibition Boards Show
For the convenient of Greegoo's partners and customers, our product exhibition boards are ready to use.