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Integrated IP20 touch-safe Solid State Relays
Date:2022.11.18 Views:257

GM Series panel mount single phase AC output Solid State Relays are designed to be used in almost any application, offering very long life expectancy and are easy to install, easy to use, robust and multipurpose.

››Output current of 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 Amps

››Output voltage of 24-280 Vac and 48-660 Vac

››Control voltage of 4-32 Vdc, 18-36 Vac/dc, 20-265 Vac and 90-260 Vac

››Zero cross or instantaneous (resistive or inductive loads)

››Integrated IP20 touch-safe removable covers

››Built-in overvoltage protection (only Zero Cross)

››LED input status indicator